Thursday, January 8, 2009

‘I wish I see my son before my death’

Srinagar, Jan 8 (PBI): While seven years have elapsed, the whereabouts of a Pattan youth who was picked up by forces are still unknown leaving the family of the youth in unending despair. 

Gh. Mohiudin Mir, a taxi driver, was picked up by the forces at Nihalpora in Pattan area of North Kashmir on 15 October, 2000. When he was driving his taxi at Nihalpora in Pattan.

“My son was picked up by a party of forces led by Capt. G.S.Gandial.” Abdul Khaliq Mir, father of Gh. Mohammad Mir told Press Bureau of India.

“After my son was disappeared by the forces, I visited every force camp, every police station but could not get the whereabouts of my 28 year old son”, said Khaliq Mir.

The old father who has been wrecked by the disappearance of his son told in a paused voice to Press Bureau of India, “Police recovered my son’s taxi from Hyderbaig later but my son is still oblivious to my eyes. I wish I see him once then bid adieu to this world where I feel vapid and chained now”, said Mir.

Though Khaliq Mir has been reduced to a hulk by the unbearable separation of his son who has no more tears to trickle, he is all resolute to fight for justice till he breaths his last, “ So long as the world allows me to live, I will not give up the struggle for justice” said the bruised father.

Recalling a protest rally at Delhi, Khaliq Mir said, “Two years back our union held a protest demonstration at Delhi and were joined in by noted human rights activist, Nirmala Desh Panday also but it too passed as a trifle over the government”.

While the world has trivialized for Khaliq Mir now, his only aspiration is to see his son once, “If my son is alive show me his whereabouts, if he is dead, show me his grave”, Mir told PBI in shrieks and sobs.

[KW Note: Jammu and Kashmir is the U.N. recognized disputed state under the illegal occupation of India.

Since 1988, the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir has been hit by confrontation between Kashmiri Freedom Fighters and the Indian Military, which has resulted in more than One hundred thousand of deaths. Unofficial sources put the number of Indian troops deployed in the state to seven hundred thousand.

Local human rights group, the Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Societies (JKCCS) has reported that 8 to 10 thousand had disappeared in the U.N. recognised disputed state since the armed resistance against Indian rule.]

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