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Documented Mass Massacres by India in Occupied Kashmir

The Dogra rule, followed by Indian occupation in 1947, is a bleak chapter in the history of Jammu and Kashmir. The Dogra rule, which continued from 1846-1947, is considered as the gloomiest period. Indian armed forces occupied a major part of Jammu and Kashmir on October 27, 1947 and the occupation is still continuing. The Indian troops pursued the policy of suppression in a systematic manner to reduce the overwhelming Muslim majority in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. To achieve this objective Indian troops started the process of mass massacre. There are plenty of events and evidences to support this gory fact. Some of the events are mentioned as under: 

July 13, 1931

The people of Kashmir have been raising their voices against the Dogra usurpation of their land and as a result, they faced brutal consequences. On July 13, 1931, a large number of Kashmiris, gathered in front of the Srinagar central jail, at a time when the trial of a youth, Abdul Qadeer, accused of involvement in a case of agitation, was in progress inside the jail. The objective was to demonstrate solidarity with the young man. As the time for obligatory prayer approached, a young Kashmiri stood for Azan(Call for the prayer), The Dogra police opened fire on him, and he got martyred. Thereby, another youth took the place of the martyred young man and started Azan. He too was shot dead. In this way, 22 Kashmiris embraced martyrdom, in their efforts to complete the Azan. 

August 26, 1947

Earlier in June 1947, people of Poonch had launched a no-tax campaign against the heavy taxation of Maharaja. To curb the agitation, Maharaja Hari Singh, the last Dogra ruler of the state, ordered the use of brute military force. On August 26, the mobs clashed with the Dogra-armed forces. The Dogra troops opened bran-gun fire on the huge crowd of 5,000 civilians, martyring and wounding hundreds of them. 

October-November 1947

Maharaja Hari Singh fled from Srinagar to Jammu on October 26th 1947, as the liberation armed activists were poised in Srinagar's suburbs to capture the city. On reaching Jammu, he issued orders to his troops and police besides the Hindu extremist groups, to kill Muslims found anywhere. The Muslims were asked to assemble in parade ground in Jammu so that they would be driven to Pakistan in lorries. While on their way, on October 20, 1947, eight thousand Muslims were massacred at Malatank Jammu. On October 22, 1947 at least 14000 Muslims were massacred at Saniya Jammu and 15,000 Muslims were gunned down near the bridge at Akhnoor. On November 5 and 6, 1947, more than 100 lories were loaded with women, children and old men who were taken into the wilderness of Kuthua forests. Hindu extremists and armed gangs were let loose on these innocent people and an unparallel butchery was perpetrated, killing thousands of them. Women were raped, molested and their valuables looted. All these bloodsheds were taking place in full view of the Indian army, which had by that time occupied a major part of the state. In another act of butchery, a large gathering of 25000 Muslims, in Miran Sahib and Ranbir Singhpora, were machine-gunned. 

On 9th November 30

While on their way to Pakistan, through Surcharged route, nearly 300,000 people, were massacred in cold blood. The British daily "the London Times," wrote on October 10, 1947 in a report from its special correspondent in India that the Maharaja, under `his own supervision, got assassinated 237,000 Muslims, using military forces, in Jammu area. The editor of "Statesman" Ian Stephen, in his book "Horned Moon" wrote that till the end of autumn 1947, more than 200,000 Muslims were assassinated. Right from 1947, the fury of mass killings go on unabated. Kashmiris suffered massacres in 1965 and 1971. Since 1989, India increased its acts of brutalities and people were killed enmasse. Some of the savage events are as under. 

January 15, 1990

In Kupwara town, the Indian army and paramilitary forces shot dead 17 unarmed civilians including one woman when they subjected peaceful protesters to unprovoked firing. 

January 21, 1990

55 innocent civilians were killed in the localities of Basantbagh and Gawkadal, in Srinagar city by CRPF troops when more than 20,000 people took to the streets, defying curfew. 

January 22, 1990

The Indian army and paramilitary forces, resorted to unprovoked firing at Alamghari Bazar, Srinagar and killed many unarmed civilians. The people had come out unarmed to protest against the military killings at Gaw Kadal in Srinagar. 

January 25, 1990

26 civilians, most of them pedestrians, were shot dead in Handwara town of Kupwara district. The township was set afire by BSF, after the latter was panicked by a bang. Some of the slain persons, including women, were roasted alive. 

March 1, 1990

In order to halt massive demonstrations by the people, who were to submit a memorandum to UNMOGIP, Indian army opened fire at Tengpora bypass and Zakoora crossing in Srinagar, killing 21 and 26 demonstrators, respectively. 

May 21, 1990 

Fifty nine persons were put to death by CRPF troops near Islamia College Srinagar. The unarmed civilian mourners, were carrying the dead body of late Mirwaiz Molvi Muhammad Farooq, prominent liberation leader and father of former APHC chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. More than three hundred people were injured. Five women, one of them pregnant, were killed. Even minors were not spared. The forces did not spare even the coffin-bearers. The dead body of late Mirwaiz was also shot at. 

August 6, 1990

The troops besieged Mashali Mohalla, in Srinagar, raided the houses of local inhabitants and killed innocent civilians. In this incident, more than two-dozen people were brutalized, of whom nine died on the spot. Some others could not be identified as their bodies had been disfigured. 

August 10, 1990

BSF cordoned off the whole area of Pazipora, Kupwara. The male inmates were ordered to gather in a park for identification parade. The locals objected to let ladies stay at their homes without being accompanied by any male members. Later the forces, in absence of male members, entered the houses, raped and molested a number of ladies. By hue and cry of the ladies, the male members tried to rush to their respective homes in order to rescue the ladies from the clutches of the armed forces. But the troops fired on the unarmed civilians of the locality and killed 25 of them on the spot. 

September 11, 1990 

A civil passenger bus, carrying about fifty persons, was intercepted by the BSF troops. Passengers, who tried to come down and save themselves, were fired upon. 22 civilians died on the spot. The bus was set on fire due to which, eight persons got burnt alive. The driver and the conductor of the vehicle were also killed on the spot. 

October 01, 1990 

The BSF personnel, deployed in Handwara town of Kupwara district, started indiscriminate firing on the unarmed civilians, who were busy in marketing activities, killing 20 of them on the spot. 

October 08, 1990 

In Rainawari Srinagar, the Indian armed forces set ablaze a number of houses and when the people tried to put out the fire, the forces indiscriminately fired on them due to which many persons, including Ghulam Muhammad Gasi, Muhammad Yousuf Gujri, Muhammad Yousuf Dar, Muhammad Yousuf Bhat, Shaikh Nawaz Pal and some more got killed. 

December 24, 1990 

At Charar-e-Sharief, in Budgam district armed forces cordoned off the area and fired indiscriminately, resulting in killing of a ten-month-old baby and five other innocent people. 

January 19, 1991 

The personnel of 42-CRPF Bn opened indiscriminate fire, killing 11 civilians in Magarmalbagh, Srinagar. Most of the victims were waiting for bus and being a busy place, most of the passers-by received bullet shots and died on the spot. 

January 30, 1991 

In Achabal Islamabad, the Indian armed forces opened indiscriminate fire, killing seven innocent persons. 

March 11, 1991 

At Rakhi Haigam, Sopore, in Baramullah district, Indian armed forces started indiscriminate firing, killing six civilians, including Manzoor Ahmad Dar aged 12 years. 

March 12, 1991

At Zakoora Nagbal, Srinagar, the BSF troops fired on unarmed civilians. The passers-by started taking shelter in the nearby houses and shops. However, the forces cordoned off the area and killed many civilians, including Ghulam Nabi Rangrez of Bohri Kadal, Abdul Hamid Magray of Nowbug, Habib Ullah and his minor son Mehraj-ud-Din Teli of Zakoora. 

March 16,1991

The Indian troops cordoned the area in Pishwari Trehgam, in Kupwara district. At that time, about 12 persons were offering prayers in a Mosque within the cordoned area. The forces directed the worshipers to come out of the Mosque but they could not come out, as they were engaged in the prayers. The forces entered into the Mosque and started firing. The Imam (Leader of the prayers) did not break the prayers. He was shot in his head. Other persons were dragged in the compound of the Mosque and six more persons were shot dead. 

May 5, 1991

At Khayam, Khanyar in Sriangar, the troops fired indiscriminately on the pedestrians due to which, five persons including a girl, Aisha, aged three years were killed. 

May 8, 1991 

In Pir Dastgeer, Khanyar locality of down town Srinagar, troops of CRPF, BSF's 2nd and 60th -Bn opened fire on thousands of people, assembled to bury some martyred Kashmiris. 18 civilians were killed. In this incident, one infant aged two years, and his father were also killed. 

June 11, 1991 

The CRPF troops opened indiscriminate fire, having been frightened by the sound of a tire burst, leaving 32 civilians killed in the densely populated area of Chotabazar, Srinagar. The killed included, shopkeepers, passers-by, old persons, women and children. 

September 03, 1991 

At Safanagri and Nelora, in Pulwama district, the armed forces fired on unarmed civilians and more than 23 got killed. 

April 2, 1992 

In Aloosa village of Bandipore tehsil of Baramullah district, the villagers were kept confined to the village limits for the whole day by the Indian troops, while those out for fishing were fired upon. At least five boatmen were killed in the firing. Many bodies were recovered from the Wular Lake as they had been made to sink by tying heavy stones to their limbs. 

April 13, 1992 

Early in the hours, BSF troops charged into the area, comprising Mohalla Hajama, Talian, Syed Sultanpora, Mahrajpora, and Chinkipora, started indiscriminate firing which resulted in killing of 13 civilians, including one woman. 

July 2, 1992 

There was a tyre burst of a moving vehicle, which created a panic in the crowded marked of Lal Chowk, Srinagar. In response the CRPF troops, posted at Hari Singh High Street, fired indiscriminately, killing six civilians. 

July 6, 1992

Ishbar locality in the outskirts of Srinagar was subjected to firing by the BSF men and at least 7 civilians were killed. 

July 13, 1992 

Army personnel entered the village of Nasrullahpora, adjacent to Budgam, and started indiscriminate firing, killing ten innocent people. 

August 15, 1992 

In Taj Mohalla of Tral, in Pulwama district, BSF troops in cold blood, killed 6 civilians. One of them was burnt alive. 

October 2, 1992 

10 civilians were killed in Handwara town of Kupwara district by BSF troops. 

December 12, 1992 

Indian troops killed 7 civilians in Kishtwar area of Doda district. 

January 6, 1993 

94-BSF-Bn personnel ran amuck, killing 57 civilians, mostly roasted alive, when they arsoned 37 residential and 35 commercial structures at Sopore in Baramullah district. 

April 10, 1993 

47 innocent Kashmiris were burnt alive when BSF set afire, most of the Lal Chowk, Srinagar, destroying 59 houses, 190 shops, 53 go-downs and 2 office complexes. 

July 01, 1993 

In Baba Reshi, area of Baramullah district, the troops started indiscriminate firing and killed 9 civilians who had come to the shrine. 

August 1, 1993 

Sub-inspector Ajmer Singh of BSF, 60-Bn along with three of his subordinates, killed a couple Abdul Rashid Dar and Hajra after barging into their residence in Daribal Srinagar. Their critically injured son Hilal succumbed to wounds in hospital. After thousands of people took to the streets in anti-India demonstration, the police and army resorted to firing, killing 10 of them. 

August 14, 1993 

Indian secret agents dragged out passengers from a bus on Sarthal link road in Kishtawar, Doda and sprayed them with bullets, killing 14 civilians. 

September 03, 1993 

In Rohmoo area of Shopian in Pulwama district, the Indian troops fired on passers-by, killing five persons. 

October 22, 1993 

Troops of 7-Bn BSF, opened fire on a procession in Bijbehara town of Islamabad district, taken out to express solidarity with hostages in Hazratbal shrine in Srinagar, killing 44 civilians. A number of devotees were made hostage in the shrine by the troops for more than a month. 

November 20, 1993 

At Aadipora, in Sopore area of Baramullah district, the BSF personnel opened fire and killed five persons including a woman. 

November 24, 1993 

In Sangrama in Baramullah district, the BSF troops fired indiscriminately and killed seven unarmed civilians. 

December 22, 1993 

At Bulbul Nowgam in Shangas area of Islamabad district, the Indian troops fired indiscriminately, killing six civilians. 

January 24, 1994 

Indian troops killed 18 Kashmiris in Kupwara. 

April 23, 1994 

At Warpora Sadunara in Sonawari tehsil of Baramullah district, the Indian troops, during crack-down, fired at and killed 5 civilians. 

May 10, 1994 

In Bandipora BSF troops, during crack-down, arrested 9 persons in presence of the locals, took them to a military camp in Bandipora where they were killed and their dead bodies were handed over to their relatives. 

February 10, 1995 

BSF opened fire in narrow business street, in Gad Kocha, Srinagar, killed 6 shopkeepers and injured 38 others. 

January 5, 1996 

Indian armed agents massacred 15 Kashmiris, 10 of them belonging to one family, in Barshala village in Thathri belt of Kishtwar tehsil in Doda district. 

June 8, 1996 

In Kamlari village, in Doda district, Indian armed agents killed eight civilians. 

April 7, 1997 

A group of Indian secret agents swooped on Sanghrampora village, in Beerwa outskirts in Budgam district, and shot dead seven Kashmiris. 

September 19, 1997 

In mortar shelling by BSF, 11 villagers were killed in remote village Arin of Bandipore tehsil in Baramullah district. 

January 26, 1998 

Indian agents swooped Wandhama village of Ganderbal tehsil, in Srinagar district, and massacred 23 Kashmiris. 

June 28, 1998 

In the Madwa, Doda 9 villagers were massacred by 26-Rashtriya Rifles, on the Eid (Muslim festival) day. 

February 20, 1999 

In Baljaralan hamlet, of Udhampur district, Indian armed agents killed 10 civilians. Apparently, the same group reappeared in Mora Pota in Budhal belt, and killed 4 members of a family including the couple and their two sons. 

June 29, 1999 

Indian troops and their agents dragged out 17 civilians, including 5 women and 7 children, in twin hamlets of Morha Bichai and Sahotri in Poonch and killed them. 

March 17, 2000 

Indian secret agencies, killed 7 truck drivers, near a BSF camp at Qazigund, in Islamabad district. 

March 20, 2000 

36 Sikhs 2 were massacred by Indian troops at Chattisinghpora, in Islamabad district, on the eve of US President Clinton's visit to India. March 24, 2000 

Five innocent civilians, missing since March 24, 2000, were killed in custody and subsequently roasted by army at Brakpora in Islamabad district. 

March 30, 2000 

7 protestors were killed by SOG troops near Pathirbal in Islamabad district, who were demanding dead bodies of Brakpora massacre. 

May 14, 2000 

Five teen-agers, arrested from Sopore, were killed by Indian troops in Tangdar area of Kupwara district. 

August 1, 2000 

35 Amarnath Yatris (pilgrims) were killed by Indian secret agencies and CRPF troops at Pahalgam in Islamabad district. 

November 14, 2000 

At Tali Mohalla, near Ikhalha village under the jurisdiction of Kishtwar police station in Doda district, Indian agents massacred 6 civilians. 

February 03, 2001 

Indian secret agencies, killed 7 Sikhs at Mahjoornagar, in Srinagar. 

February 10, 2001 

At Kotchatwal, in Bhudal area of Rajouri district, 12 civilians including 6 kids and 4 women were killed by Indian troops and their secret agencies. 

March 21, 2001 

At Mandi in Poonch district, the Indian troops used helicopters and gun ships and killed 10 Kashmiris. 

March 31, 2001 

At Doru, Islamabad, 7 Kashmiri drivers were killed by Indian troops. 

August 06, 2001 

Indian agents killed 7 civilians in Sajjar village of Atholi, in Kistwar tehsil of Doda district. 

December 08, 2001 

10 unarmed civilians, including women and children, were killed in the indiscriminate military firing in Baramullah. 

January 21, 2002 

Indian troops killed 14 persons including 8 children of 3 families, at Salwa village in Maindher area of Poonch area of Rajouri district. 

July 13, 2002 

Twenty-seven people were killed at Qasim Nagar in the outskirts of Jammu city by unidentified gunmen. 

August 5, 2002 

Nine pilgrims were killed in Nuwan Pehalgam in Islamabad district. 

March 23, 2003 

In a gruesome act of state terrorism in Nadimarg village of Pulwma District, Indian secret agents killed 24 innocent civilians, including 11 women and two children.


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    2. the no of hindu pandits killed was around 200-400 while it is in lakhs for muslims. In 1947 jammu massacre alone more than 3 lakh muslims were killed to change the demography of jammu. check history and then claim. the tale of muslim massacre has started long before kashmiri pandit's massacre which started in 1989. i am not supporting kashmiri pandit's massacre but the cause of this blood shed is deep rooted in kashmiri history, which is written with the blood of muslims started from dogra maharaja regime. if u are crying and asking rights of kashmiri pandits have gutts to ask for those 3 lakh muslims that were killed to change jammu from a muslim majority place to muslim minority place the figure dropped from 68% to 31%. behave human. check http://​​2011/11/​jammu-genocide-of-1947-reme​mbering-6th.html

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  6. this is not a hindu muslim is the struggke of kashmiris against indian occupation of kashmir.kashmiris have never accepted indian rule.they want their own identity like they have in past.let the kashmir made free for kashmiris.let it should be free from indian and pakistani occupation.let them live the life that is their own..let us free kashmir

    1. i agree brother ...but kashmir needs food , water and electricity ...this can be provided by the governments only...the Indian government should provide basic facility to their side while Pak government to their side ....otherwise a free kashmir would not be able to survive on its needs help

  7. this is not a hindu muslim is the struggke of kashmiris against indian occupation of kashmir.kashmiris have never accepted indian rule.they want their own identity like they have in past.let the kashmir made free for kashmiris.let it should be free from indian and pakistani occupation.let them live the life that is their own..let us free kashmir

  8. guys you should forget that peace in kashmir was damage by terriost first i n which they kill thousand of hindus and army officers and police man and they also killed people who were against freedom struggle.... .....its 15 years old thing dont scracth the wounds...... now they are thousand of kashmris who are w orking in india and getting hand some salary living a good life ... forget the thing of past

  9. I don't understand why such idiots start blogging when they have no idea about what the ground reality is.. all they want to show is that India and in particular hindus want to cleanse india of all the muslims.If that was the case during partition then we would have declared ourselves a Hindu state and not secular just like Pakistan was declared an Islamic state. The population of Muslims in India has grown over 10 times since partition.They are give equal opportunities in every sphere and just look at any Islamic country were minorities are suppressed and harassed and forced conversions take place. Muslims like degrade the secular fabric of our country with extremist ideas. Shame.You should be hanged

  10. Haramzade hain ye katuye. Jahan bhi yr hain wahan ye sirf rape murder ke liye jane jate hain

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